How To Install Discord?


Discord is a gaming software which gamers use to communicate online, whether it might be through texts, calls, or videos. As technology is reaching its advancements, gaming is also moving towards better enhancements, as most of the games nowadays let you play online and communicate online. Discord gives a better experience of playing games with friends and communicating as well.

This process involves a few steps, which are as follows.

Basics Of Discord

  • Open Discord through searching on websites.
  • Access to Discord, it is essential to do it on the Discord desktop version as it is easy to work.
  • Create an account in Discord, provide the details required.
  • If not familiar with the interface of Discord, then you may go through and explore things.
  • Left side shows you the friend list and gives a direct message option. Below the list, your profile is located, and you can make changes there as well. In the centre of the screen, you can chat without opening the direct message.
  • To edit your Discord Account settings, you may visit the settings which are located at the bottom.

Discord Settings

  • Privacy and safety
  • Authorized apps
  • Connections
  • Billing
  • Voice
  • Notifications
  • Language
  • Now, you might send a message and check whether the Discord settings you have modified are changed as per your requirement or not.
  • Discord will show a mic option below that will allow you to mute people.
  • Right-click on the message, and the options displayed there show the edit or delete option. Choose what you desire.

Connecting With Others

  1.  Find servers you wish to link with or want to join.
  2. Read channel guidelines to get the best information.
  3. keep away from spams.
  4.  Add people through searching for them.
  5.  Block users who are bothering you by right-clicking their name and clicking on the block.

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